From Cleanups to Cleanouts, we do it all!


Attics are a challenging task to clean out with their limited space and inadequate
ventilation. We offer a variety of services to help maintain your attic and bring it back to
its original form! Call on our professional team for your attic cleanup, junk removal, rodent
exclusion and removal, crawl space cleanup, insulation removal and all air quality
improvement services. Stagnate air can be the perfect environment for mold and mildew to
grow and a safe place for rodents to get a bit too comfortable, eeek! We will provide
cleaning technology solutions to improve your surrounding air quality needs!


Your basement can be beneficial, whether it’s used as a functional living space or as a solid
storage space. Maintaining your basement is crucial – Moisture and minimal ventilation
make it susceptible to mold, mildew, and rodent attraction. We offer a variety of services
to help maintain your basement from junk and rubbish removal to eliminating airborne
contaminants! Basement cleanups and cleanouts are our specialties! We provide pressure
washing, sanitizing, disinfectant, organization, and complete cleanouts to bring your
basement back to life!

Bed Bug Cleanup

Bed bug infestation can be devastating and overwhelming for a homeowner or tenant who
fall victim to this epidemic. We provide exterminating services through Concrete Pest
Management to extinguish the infestation within a 24-hour period. Our team is trained to
remove all contents to properly avoid spreading to surrounding areas and haul away off
premises. We are fully equipped to disinfect and sanitize to complete the aftermath of
bed bugs.


We are never prepared for the unexpected, especially when it is in the form of a natural
disaster. As devastating as it can be, moving forward is a must. We can help! We’ve seen
it all and there isn’t anything that we won’t do to make it better. From fire damage to
flood and sewage cleanup, we are fully equipped to make the most devastating problems


Evictions can be overwhelming for everyone involved. Between court orders and non-
payment or even squatters who have moved in and are destroying your property. We offer
removal services from carpet, junk and more. We can also deep clean your property,
improve air quality, disinfect and sanitize, and offer odor control. We provide painting
services and wood floor refinishing to get your property ready for sale and/or new tenants
in no time! Our variety of services save you time without having to meet and hire multiple
contractors. We can have your place looking sharp in the blink of an eye. Customer
satisfaction guaranteed.

Flood and Sewage

Flood and Sewage emergencies can lead to detrimental damage to the infrastructure of your home if not taken care of immediately. Leave all your flood and sewage problems to our trained professionals!! We can help with any water disaster whether it comes from your sewage back up or from natural disasters from excessive rainfall or frozen pipes. Our top of the line equipment will make your disaster disappear! We will disinfect, sanitize, and deodorize all surrounding areas to prevent further damage.


Foreclosures can sit stagnant, unmaintained and collecting dust. We’ll do everything we can
to get your property looking as good as it once was, or even better! As an REO agent,
bank, or asset management company, we can help you reach your goals of eliminating
unwanted rubbish and junk left behind. Our deep cleaning specialists work from top to
bottom disinfecting, sanitizing, and improving the air quality inside your entire property.
Power washing gives a foreclosed home a facelift, washing away dirt and stains that can
make the exterior look dull. We have many skilled, well trained, specialists, who can get
your home ready to be placed on the market or for a new beginning and a great start for
any family.


Utilize your garage for what it was built for, to park your car and not store your junk! We
will free-up that valuable space with our junk removal services. Organizing services are
also available upon request. Your garage is the perfect environment for rodents and
animals to get comfortable over the winter. Allow us to remove any nesting and rodent
activity using our pressure washing services to clear your space of any contaminants or
stains that remain after heavy removal. We sanitize and disinfect all areas affected to
prevent further activity. We provide exterminating services through Concrete Pest
Management to prevent further infestation. Call for our free estimates and receive 15%
off on your first project!


Hoarding is the persistent difficulty discarding or parting with possessions, regardless of
their actual value. The behavior usually has deleterious effects; emotional, physical, social,
financial, and even legal—for a hoarder and their family members. Property that has been
affected by hoarding conditions requires a trained team to properly and safely remove
dangerous materials so that your health is not compromised. Our specialized team is
prepared to handle all unique situations in a proper manner. Hoarding conditions can
involve animal feces, bed bugs, pet carcasses, and hazardous food items that must be
handled with caution. We are equipped with the correct gear to properly dispose of all the
clutter on site and begin to improve air quality, disinfect and sanitize. Rejuvenating
services include our deep cleaning specialists who make the home a “home” again. Painting
services can be provided, and exterminating services are available through Concrete Pest
Management for all your maintenance needs. We can provide discreet services upon


Moving offices and leaving behind junk? Need the place looking clean and new again? Not
to worry, give us a call and we’ll remove all unwanted junk, dismantle cubicles and/or pack
up items no longer in use, big or small. We will remove decals, break down shelves and
shred papers. We’ll do whatever it takes to get that property looking new again – stress-free
! We are just a phone call away.

Retail Store

Did you recently lease a retail location and have the tenant move out while leaving you
stuck with junk? Are moving and/or relocating? Not to worry, we are ready to come in and
remove that junk! Our team of professionals will help get it back into your hands for the
possibility of leasing it out again and generate your income. Call for our full complete Clean
Out service including vacuuming, pressure washing, decal removal, and mopping, with our
junk removal service.


Overtime, storage facilities become a holding cell for items you once thought you had a use
for. Often, you find yourself paying a monthly bill for items you have already replaced.

It’s time to put that money towards something more rewarding. All it takes is one phone
call to our quick response team. We are here for all your junk removal and clean out needs!


Maintaining a clean warehouse can be a big job on its own. Allow us to help you get rid of
unwanted racks, junk, debris, furniture, pallets, boxes, useless tools, non-working
appliances and more. We provide you the best warehouse cleanout services in your area
helping you maintain a prominent level of service for your workers. Avoid the hassle of
having to rent a dumpster, taking up extra space on your property and loading docks. We’ll
dispose of all materials in the correct manner according to state regulations. We like to
get it done!