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Backyard Cleanup and Junk Removal

Backyard cleanup and junk removal solutions if you hate going in your yard.  Is your backyard too cluttered and messy? You’re not alone. Many people accumulate too much outdoor stuff and end up feeling stressed when they try to enjoy their yards. If you want a more beautiful, spacious yard, it’s time for a  backyard  cleanup and junk removal. Here are four common yard junk items you should consider getting rid of today.

1. Basketball Hoop

If you have an unused basketball hoop collecting cobwebs and dirt in your yard, it’s time to get rid of it. Put it up for sale or donate it to a family in the neighborhood with kids who love basketball.

2. Trampoline

Trampolines are fun for young kids, but they tend to stay and clutter yards even when kids are grown. If your trampoline is no longer used or is falling apart, finding a way to take it to the dump can be tricky. You can hire professionals who do yard cleanups in Long Island if you don’t want to get rid of bulky items yourself.

3. Hot Tubs

There was a time when backyard hot tubs were all the rage. Now, many people prefer to visit the local gym or recreation center to soak in the hot tub. If you no longer want to maintain your tub, Long Island yard cleanup services can help you get rid of yours once and for all.

4. Pools

Many people purchase swimming pools without thinking about the damage they cause to grass or how much room they take up in storage. If you no longer want a swimming pool to kill your grass and clutter your yard, it’s time to say goodbye to it and sell, donate or trash it.

Reveal Your Beautiful Yard

Ready to reveal the yard that’s been hiding beneath clutter for years? To schedule your free quote on backyard cleanup and junk removal, call Clutter Free at 888-492-0357. Read what our customers say about our cleanup service in our Reviews and Testimonial page

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