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Basement Cleanup New York
Basement Cleanup and Cleaning of Basements

Basement and Attic cleaning and organizing provide for a safer environment to walk around and a healthier living space.  Our basement and attic cleanup service include the removal of junk and unwanted items collected over the years and organizing the items you wish to keep on easily accessible shelves.  The heavy-duty cleaning service includes pressure washing of floor and walls and repainting bringing the cleanliness and beauty back to your space.  For your basement and attic infestation, we provide a pest control application to rid of any pests and insects.

Basement and Attic Cleaning Services include:

  • Junk and Unwanted Items Removal: With the consent of the homeowner, we will remove and discard unwanted items and junk than haul away.  Remaining items can be organized in bins provided upon request.
  • Dust, Mildew and Dirt Removal: HEPA vacuuming and dust elimination, mildew treatment and complete wipe-down of surfaces and walls.  Basement floor is prepared for power pressure washing.
  • Pressure Power Washing of Floors and Walls: Pressure power wash of concrete basement floor and walls.  Basement washing of walls and floors preparing for any additional repairs or repaint
  • Wall Repairs and Repaint: Basement walls and floors are primed and repainted to restore your basement or attic to a beautiful and useful space that is healthier and safe.
  • Organize and Shelve Items: Once the basement and attic are cleaned and restored, we can assemble new storage shelves or return the original ones.  Our organizing crew will place items and boxes on shelves in an accessible manner understanding the homeowner’s needs and physical ability.
  •  Pest Control Application: Your basement and attic can be treated for bugs and insects.  Homeowners can make regular use of their attic and basement space insect and bug worry free.
Attic Cleanup
Attic Cleanup – Attic Cleaning

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