caring for an elderly hoarder

Compassionate Hoarder Cleaning Process

Compassionate Hoarder Cleaning Process in New York, NY.

Compassionate hoarder cleaning process that helps those with a hoarding disorder. Sufferers may not realize that their home is becoming more and more cluttered over time. Hoarders may need help to regain control of their possessions and to thoroughly clean up their home. Clutter Free Junk Removal and Cleanup Pros is a hoarding cleaning service in New York, NY.  that is well-equipped to handle any hoarding situation with compassion and respect for the resident and their home.

Caring for hoarders
Caring for hoarders

How Does a Hoarding Situation Escalate?

Hoarding is defined as the gathering of items in one’s home that are not useful to the sufferer. These objects can be anything ranging from newspapers and grocery bags to animals and garbage. Clutter Free has seen it all. Items are often stored throughout the home and the collection continues to grow over time, as the sufferer does not wish to throw any of it away. Eventually, the space is completely filled and there are only small areas remaining for the home’s residents to live. A hoarder often does not recognize the extent of the situation until friends or relatives speak up. Friends or relatives may contact a hoarding cleaning service in Queens for help with removing excess objects, restoring the space and thoroughly cleaning the home.

How Does Clutter Free Handle a Hoarding Situation?

As a New York, NY. hoarding cleaning service, Clutter Free is ready to help anyone with a hoarding problem in a discreet and compassionate hoarder cleaning. Their trained professionals are sensitive to your needs and will be respectful of your home and your belongings, ensuring that you remain informed and in control during the entire process.

Call Clutter Free Junk Removal Service and Cleanup Pros today at 718-247-9876 and speak with a caring representative about your specific needs. You can also reach out through our Reviews & Contact Us. A free estimate plus 15% off your first project can help get your home, and your life, back on track. Clutter Free is a multi-certified hoarding cleaning service in Queens and they can help you reclaim your space.

Project Gallery

To help people understand what is hoarding home cleaning and what to expect, we created a visual gallery with Project Pictures and Project Videos of before and after.  This will help you understand and relate to certain home conditions and the extreme heavy-duty cleaning the company is capable of providing you.



Cleanup, Cleanout, Heavy Duty Cleaning and Hoarder Cleaning Service
Cleanup, Cleanout, Heavy Duty Cleaning and Hoarder Cleaning Service


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