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Hoarder Cleaning Service

Our hoarder cleaning services are designed to help those in need of an extreme cleanup and decluttering that includes heavy-duty cleaning. Our team of professional cleaners is experienced in providing quality, compassionate service that meets the needs of each customer. We understand the importance of providing a safe, clean environment and work hard to ensure that our customers’ homes are free restored to a clean and safe environment.

Cleanup and Heavy-duty Cleaning Service

Our cleanup and heavy-duty cleaning services are designed to help our customers get their homes back in order. Our team of experienced cleaners can help our customers remove large items, clean out shelves, and disinfect surfaces. We understand the importance of providing a safe, clean environment and work hard to ensure that our customers’ homes are returned to a state of comfort and order.

Cleanout Service

Our professional cleanout services are designed to help our customers cleanout their apartment or home by removing all the contents and providing a complete deep cleaning. Our team provides services such as furniture removal, junk removal, appliance removal, and more. Our cleanout service helps landlords, management companies and family members with preparing the home or apartment for rent or sale.

Whole House Cleanup



Heavy Duty Cleaning in Brooklyn

Watch this gratifying cleanup and cleanout review from a customer in New York, NY.  Whole house  heavy duty cleaning .  The cleanup services provide for the removal of clutter, junk and sanitizing of surfaces.

Cleanup at Policano’s House

When you are busy running a business and life prevents you from being organized you call Clutter Free Service.  We can remove any unwanted junk from your house or backyard.  Cleanup your basement or attic. Watch Policano’s cleanup and cleanout review and testimonial of his project in New York, NY.

20 Years of Clutter

The pile of clutter only gets bigger as the years go by.  Whole house cleanup can restore your living space and return your home to a clean and functional environment.  The Clutter Free Service Crew can undo 20 years of hoarding in just 48hrs. Watch this cleanup and cleanout review and testimonial by a real homeowner in New York, NY.  The cleanup review was provided by the homeowner.


“A Fabulous Job”

Nothing motivates our cleanup crew more than the kind words of recognition by our customers.  In the core of our service is customer care and the passion for cleaning.  Exceeding our customer’s expectation is our goal and reward.

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Brooklyn New York Cleanup

A hoarder house presents many challenges


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Cleanup and Cleanup Junk Removal Reviews

Cleanup and cleanout reviews from real customer and real projects provided by Clutter Free Service and Cleanup Pros.

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