Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cleaning Service in New York, NY. Tri- State Area

Disinfecting Service For Residential, Commercial and Public Areas.

Sanitizing Service in New York, NY. and Tri-State Area
Sanitizing Service in New York, NY. and Tri-State Area

Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cleaning Treatment Process

Disinfecting and Sanitizing cleaning service for residential and commercial environments in New York, NY. and Long Island, NY.  Sanitizing and disinfecting of home, commercial and public areas using strong EPA  Registered disinfectant spray application and steam cleaning treatment to surfaces. Long lasting application works long after the application treatment is done.  Treatments can be applied to all surfaces including carpet, upholstery, mattresses and more.  Whole house, Office and Public Buildings, Common Areas, Auto Fleet, Cars, Trucks and Buses .  Disinfecting and Sanitizing treatment is effective on:

• Anti-Microbial

• Bactericide

• Disinfecting

• Environmental Remediation

• EPA Registered Disinfectant

• Fungicide

• Germicide

• Kill Allergy & Disease-Causing Germs

• Kill Fungi

• Kill Mildew

• Kill Mold

• Mildewcide

• Sanitizing


Disinfecting and Sanitizing Application that is Non-Chlorine, Non-Bleach, Non-Corrosive.  EPA Registered Disinfectant Application for Home, Commercial and Public Areas.  


Why Our Disinfecting and Sanitizing Cleaning Method?

Our Disinfecting and Sanitizing  cleaning method kills virus and disease-causing germs, fungi, mold and mildew.  Its effective on killing bacteria causing odor and gram negative bacteria found in sewage backup and overflow.  Our disinfecting treatment is Bleach-Free, Non-Chlorine, Non-Corrosive and without toxic fumes. Our EPA Registered applicant is safe for disinfecting Home, Office, Public Areas and Fleet Vehicles like Trucks, Buses and Trains. The long residual protection prevents germs and fungi from growing on surface long after the treatment is done.  Recognized as a disinfectant by major insurance companies.


Chlorine and Bleach containing chlorine maybe harmful to you and your health when treating your home or public place for virus.  Some of the dangers and disadvantages of bleach are: Toxic Fume, Corrosive – Metal Corrosion, Irritating – Caustic, Expensive, Damage Fabrics, Hard To Remove Residue, No Residual Protection.


The Difference Between Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting

The difference between cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting is important to know.  The reason you should know is because your health depends on it.  To avoid confusion about the misuse of words and descriptions we provide simple definition on what each really mean and does;


Cleaning is a process which removes dirt and impurities from surfaces.  Cleaning process can be done using multiple methods for example, you can wipe clean a counter-top after cutting meat or fish.  The cleaning simply removes “wipe clean” the remains left by the cutting and cleaning of the meat.  By definision the surface is clean. Cleaning does not remove kill germs or bacteria.


Sanitizing chemicals are applied to surfaces and areas after a cleaning has been done.  It is not for the intent of cleaning by removing impurities or dirt rather reduce the amount of germs and conteminates.  Sanitizer is defined as germ reducing, NOT KILLING, chemical.


Disinfecting is your best choice for killing germs.  the application is a germicide hence reducing the risk of infections.  The proper way to apply disinfectant is after a thorough cleaning of surfaces and areas of all the dirt and impurities.  A clean surface area than gets an application of disinfectant in order to kill germs.  BEWARE! Chemicals labeled DISINFECTANT must be registered by the EPA.  Unless a disinfectant applicant is registered with the EPA,  it should not be used and is possibly sold unlawfully in the U.S. When you have a need to disinfect, always make sure that the chemical used is EPA Registered.

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DISCLAIMER: Clutter Free Service is a CFSL and Insured Cleaning Contractor. We do not provide any medical advice or cure for any other disease.

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