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Clutter Free Service & Cleanup Pros provides a professional cleaning service for hoarders needing cleanup and decluttering.  If you are looking to hire a cleanup service and have questions about:

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Cleanup, Cleanout, Heavy Duty Cleaning and Hoarder Cleaning Service Catalog
Cleanup, Cleanout, Heavy Duty Cleaning and Hoarder Cleaning Service Catalog


If you or someone you know is in need of hoarding cleaning, cleanup, or cleanout services for a hoarding situation, you may have some questions about what exactly is included in these services. Fortunately, hoarding cleanup services generally entail professional crews coming to the home and making sure all hazardous materials are removed and disposed of correctly, surfaces are properly sanitized, and that the environment is hoarding-free. Cleanup services may additionally include home repairs, painting, floor refinishing and organizing items within the home to increase safety and accessibility. Finally, as part of any cleanup and declutter service, all items of interest will be carefully labeled and stored appropriately for future need. Continue reading more answers to frequent questions:

Yes, we are more than happy to provide a free, onsite estimate so we can not only discuss any details of your cleanup but also provide a more accurate quote. We will also do our best to provide an estimated quote if you are able to send photos to our email address as well.

Absolutely, we are licensed, bonded, and insured. We will provide all requested documents to your management to confirm we meet the building requirements. This process takes about 24-48 hours. Your building should be able to provide a sample of their requirements and we will take it from there!

Once you have approved your formal quote, we will coordinate with you and your schedule to provide services within the week. However, if your building requires a COI, we will process the documents within 24-48 hours and then coordinate with you and your building. Keep in mind some buildings require a hold for the service elevator so a date would have to be scheduled while no other tenants are having services done on the same day.

The team will come prepared with everything they will need to complete your cleanup. We use our own products for cleanups that require heavy-duty cleaning, tools for disassembling, bins for hauling, and bags for your removal. We ask that if your building requires protection for the floors, we are informed prior to your scheduled date so the team is prepared on the day of your cleanup.

We do provide a variety of services so depending on your cleanup, we ask that you reserve a space within your home to put any personal possessions away so that they are not shifted or relocated during a heavy-duty cleaning or hoarding cleanup.

We are unable to provide removal for hazardous chemicals such as paint, oils, kerosene, and fuel. 311 can provide a location that is safe for you to dispose of these types of items.

We are very conscious of our environment footprint and recycle your items at a trusted recycling yard. If there are items that are in good condition, we do our best to reach out to trusted resources in hopes they can be reused for those in need.

We do not provide shredding services but we are more than happy to reserve your documents in a box or bag them up for you to drop off at your preferred shredding location.

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