Heavy Duty Cleaning and Extreme Cleanup

Heavy Duty Cleaning Benefits

Heavy-Duty Cleaning - Specialty Deep Cleaning
Heavy-Duty Cleaning – Specialty Deep Cleaning for the most extremely dirty and contaminated homes.

Heavy duty cleaning benefits can be the answer to, does your family seem to get sick more frequently than other families? Do you feel a general lack of energy and vitality even when you try to eat healthy foods? If so, a dirty home may be at least partially to blame. Many people are surprised to discover that regular surface cleanings are not enough to get rid of the bacterial and other harmful things in their homes. Deep cleanings are essential for keeping the air inside the home clean and safe. Heavy-Duty Cleaning  can help keep you and your family healthy in the following ways:

Detecting Mold

Mold spores can be hard to detect unless you’re looking very closely. Heavy duty cleaning can reveal where mold spores are located so they can be removed. Some types of molds are relatively harmless, but other types can cause a variety of symptoms that range from asthma to chronic fatigue.

Removing Bacteria

Bacteria such as streptococcus, salmonella and E. coli thrive in certain areas of the home, including bathrooms and kitchens. Regular surface cleanings are insufficient to remove bacteria. Instead, heavy duty cleaning in New York, NY and Brooklyn, NY. are needed on a regular basis to kill bacteria and make your home safer to live in.

Scrubbing Away Mildew

Mildew is a form of fungus that is similar to mold but poses different risks. Like mold, mildew tends to thrive in moist environments. Unlike mold, mildew is generally easier to remove once you locate it. It tends to grow on organic materials, fabrics and paper. Heavy duty cleaning can remove mildew from your home so you can breathe easier knowing your air is cleaner.

Removing Smells

If you have stubborn bad smells in your home or apartment, heavy duty cleaning treatment to eliminate odor might make them go away completely. Bad smells often occur when areas of the home are not cleaned sufficiently. Odor is often caused by bacteria which we can treat.

Make Your Home a Safer Place

Want to help your family stay healthy? Start by understanding and taking advantage of heavy-duty cleaning benefits. Contact Clutter Free see what our customers are saying and contact us online review and contact form to schedule an appointment.

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