Heavy Duty Cleaning 

Heavy Duty Cleaning
Heavy-Duty Cleaning – Specialty Deep Cleaning

Heavy-Duty cleaning service is more than deep cleaning, it’s an extreme specialized cleaning for home, apartment and estates.  Your home cleanup or cleanout project may require more than just the removal of unwanted items, clutter and junk.  When a heavily cluttered or hoarder house had been neglected for a long period of time, interior walls and wood floor are often damaged as well.  Our unique heavy duty cleaning service can improve your home, basement and attic by repairing walls and doors, interior repaint and wood floor refinishing.  We can pressure wash your floors in the basement, garage, driveway and more. A complete home cleanup with heavy duty clean will restore the quality of your life making your home a healthier place to live.  Further, decluttering and cleaning will make your home a more convenient and safer place to be in.   At Clutter Free Service and Cleanup Pros we understand cause and effect leading to the need of heavy-duty cleaning and assure you that our thorough process will restore any living area to a healthy, safe and functional space.

Heavy-Duty Cleaning Services Include:

  • Improve Air Quality to remove all dust, particles, and airborne contaminants.
  • Disinfecting & Sanitizing – Eliminating all germs, harmful bacteria, and built-up grime.
  • Dust Elimination – We remove 99% of all dust and particles to improve the air quality to prevent sickness and remove allergens.
  • Odor Elimination – We remove odors caused by tobacco and tar buildup, mold, mildew, animal activity, and food odors.
  • Organizing & Sorting – Help you sort through and organize your items for safer and easy access to your items.  We also help you sort through and prioritize items in sensitive situations in order to successfully de-clutter your home and organize the remaining items.
  • Steam Cleaning – To effectively remove all odors at their source as well as removing any harmful microorganisms not visible to the eye in order to prevent sickness from bodily fluids, contaminants, and animal activity.

Kitchens Deep Cleaning

Our heavy duty kitchen cleaning will remove mold from all surfaces, steam clean, treat for germs and contaminant.  Those deep cleaning and rigorous steps carefully applied by our trained staff whose passion is cleaning and returning your kitchen to a healthy and safe place to cook and eat.


  •  Kitchen Appliances (Interior & Exterior)
  •  Kitchen Cabinets (Interior & Extertior)
  •  Kitchen Floor
  •  Kitchen Surfaces
  •  Pantry
  •  Refrigerator Cleaning

Bathroom Deep Cleaning

Lack of bathroom cleaning can present health hazards and danger, more so to the elderly and children who are sensitive to harmful germs and airborne contaminants.  No matter how neglected or dirty your bathroom may be, we can restore it.  We can sanitize, repair and even repaint your bathroom bringing it to a living standard you get to enjoy.  Bathroom deep cleaning services include:

  • Bathtub & Shower
  • Paint
  • Sinks & Vanity
  • Tile Floor & Wall
  • Toilet & Urinal

Living Areas

Once the clutter cleanup is completed and unwanted items and junk has been removed from your living room, dining room and other common areas, the heavy duty cleaning gets deeper into the cleanup.  We focus on eliminating dust from furniture, shelving units, fans, light fixtures, walls and other surfaces.  Wipe-down all surfaces removing any left over sticky dust, food or residue from hoarder clutter. We assess any further damage to walls, doors, floors and windows and provide the homeowner option for repairs and repaint:

  •  Complete Wipe-Down
  •  Damage Assessment
  •  Dust Elimination
  •  Floor Sweeping and Mopping

Odor and Smoke Removal

Over time a smokers home absorbs odor from tobacco and stains from tar and nicotine buildup.  Walls, light fixtures and furniture must be either removed or treated for odor.  Smoke and odor removal is provided using a special process and equipment applied by trained professionals who understand the scope of work.  The Clutter Free heavy duty cleaning team has provided smoke and odor removal services to many customers’ homes in the New York area.  You can trust that our knowledge and experience will eliminate smoke odors right from their source.

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