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hoarding Homeowner's Kitchen in New York
hoarding Homeowner’s Kitchen in New York

Did you know hoarding disorder affects approximately 2.6% of all adults, with similar symptoms and incidence occurring across countries, cultures, and genders? Hoarding disorder is a mental health disorder recognized by the American Psychiatric Association that can overwhelm families and present genuine environmental dangers in daily life. Keep reading to learn more about this debilitating disorder and what families and friends can do to deal with hoarding cleanup.

What Is the Difference Between Clutter and Hoarding?

Most of us are used to some level of clutter in our homes. The difference between a hoarder and clutter is that hoarders will collect items impulsively and rarely let them go.

Where a collector will have a general order to accumulate items and display them accordingly, a hoarder will lack organization and become distressed if anyone suggests that they get rid of the items. Hoarders are often ashamed of their vast piles of junk and trash and will be reticent to hoarder cleanup.

Clutter itself is a symptom of hoarding but doesn’t always constitute hoarding. Having a few piles of things or just general untidiness can happen to the best of us. The real difference is the underlying psychological condition that compels a true hoarder to irrationally hang on to items: If you’re happy and feel accomplished when you tidy up a cluttered home, it’s just clutter.

How Does a Hoarder Start Cleaning?

The first step in hoarding declutter is to treat the underlying disorder itself. Many treatments are available, ranging from Cognitive Behavior Therapy (CBT) to group and family therapy. Once the individual has accepted help, only then can the process of hoarding cleanup can begin.

How Do You Declutter a Hoarder’s House?

The secret to decluttering and cleaning a hoarder’s home is to understand their limitations and needs. Hoarder cleanup requires a compassionate cleaning team that works with the client to make the process as least traumatizing as possible.

Caring for hoarders
Caring for hoarders

While working closely with the client, items can be selected to be kept or thrown away. Once most items have been disposed of safely, then organization and deep cleaning can occur. Often this can require biohazard cleanup, so having a hoarder’s home cleaning service trained to deal with these situations can be invaluable.

How Do You Clean Up After a Hoarder Dies?

The first step in dealing with a deceased border is getting the emotional support you and your family need. Once that’s in place, choose a professional cleaning service to help sort through everything and thoroughly dispose of and clean the property. Having a trained team in hoarder cleaning can help alleviate the trauma of doing it yourself.

What Does a Hoarding Cleaning Service Do?

hoarder house cleaning
hoarder house cleaning

Hoarding cleaning requires a compassionate team of professionals that work closely with the hoarder and family to declutter the home. Items are discarded only with the consent and then either disposed of or reorganized. The remainder of the items can even be shipped to a storage facility of the client’s choice.


Hoarder’s Junk Removal

Removing all the clutter starts with throwing away unwanted items and bagging the rest to be organized or rehomed later. This process also includes disposing of unwanted or broken furniture and fixtures and hauling them to a landfill. The decluttering may extend to every affected living area in the home and even extend to the attic, basement, and backyard.

Hoarder’s Home Organizing

Once the clutter and trash have been removed, the organization can begin. A trained group of professionals will sort and clean items and then package them for long-term storage or place them on shelves and cabinets in the home. The hoarder’s physical ability is put first by organizing the items in a prioritized manner to best fit their lives.

Hoarder’s Home Deep Cleaning

Deep cleaning of the home is the next step, as years of hoarding and neglect often cause incredibly unsanitary and unsafe living conditions. Every surface in the house is steam cleaned and sanitized to kill germs and mildew. Bathrooms are cleaned with heavy-duty chemicals, and all floors and walls are wiped clean with the option to repaint afterward.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Cleaning Of Surfaces
  • HEPA Vacuum Dust Cleaning
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Sanitizing.
  • Steam Cleaning

Hoarder’s Home Improvements

Repainting & Wall Repairs
repairing of walls, ceilings and repainting

Hoarding is just as hard on a home as it is on the families it affects. After cleaning and reorganizing, the team can work and advise the homeowner on areas that need improvements, such as floors and walls. The improvements can extend to the home’s outside areas and the living areas, such as patios, garages, and attics.

Services include, but are not limited to:

  • Backyard Cleanup
  • Carpet Removal
  • Doors Repair or Replacement
  • Lighting Replacement
  • Pressure Washing
  • Railing & Grab-Bar Installation
  • Shelving Removed or Installed
  • Wood Floor Repair & Refinish
  • Wall Repairs & Repaint

How Much Does It Cost to Cleanup a Hoarder’s Home?

The cost to clean up a hoarder’s home varies depending on the level of the hoarding. While some people may choose to do the cleaning and organize themselves in less severe cases, more elaborate and dangerous environmental issues are best left to the professionals.

Cleaning costs for hoarders can range from $.75 to $2 a square foot, depending on the level of cleaning and organizing needed. Hazmat conditions and restoration may add additional costs.

Compassionate and Professional Hoarder’s Help

We know that dealing with hoarding cleaning is a process that requires the utmost care and compassion and isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. Choosing the exemplary hoarder cleanup service can change lives for the better and begin the healing process for families in a clean and organized living space. Contact us today for a free quote, and start enjoying a clutter-free and safe living environment for yourself or a loved one.


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