Hoarder Cleaning Service

Hoarder home cleaning service that is compassionate and skillful in the hoarder house cleanup, view testimonials by our clients and their families.  Our unique house and apartment cleanup process works closely with the homeowner and family as we declutter the home discarding items only upon consent than organize, package, ship or even deliver to storage facility of your choice. The owners Raul and Bonni are personally involved in every hoarder cleanup project from the time you call to final inspection, a personable service from people who care.

Hoarder Home Cleaning - Hoarder's Home Cleanup
Hoarder Home Cleaning – Hoarder Home Organizing Help

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You’re embarrassed of how your house looks and it’s been hard to invite people over. You know you need to clean up, but it feels so impossible to even start.

Finally, there’s a solution for hoarders that will help them reclaim their space and get rid of years of piled trash and unwanted items. Hoarder Cleaning Service not only declutters your living areas, but also transforms them into a safer and more enjoyable environment.

Start living a healthier and more comfortable lifestyle with Hoarder Cleaning Service by Clutter Free Service & Cleanup Pros. We’ll help you declutter your home and remove all the unnecessary junk that’s been piling up for years.

Hoarder's Junk Removal

During the hoarder house decluttering cleanup process you may choose to discard and through away unwanted items, upon your approval we will bag items, remove unwanted furniture and fixtures and haul away to landfill.  We can remove any house hold items and even old carpeting as you decide.  The junk and rubbish removal include all areas of the hoarder’s home including attic, basement, garage, living area and backyard.

Hoarder's Home Organizing

Once a hoarder’s home is decluttered and unwanted trash and items have been removed, an organizing of the remaining items is required.  We group, sort and clean items preparing them to be packaged for long term storage or properly placed in cabinets or shelves.  Our organizing process takes priority to hoarder’s physical ability, accessibility and frequent needs making life safe and convenient for the resident.

Our secret to decluttering and organizing a hoarder’s home is understanding the homeowner’s limitation and needs ~ Bonni, Owner

Hoarder's Home Deep Cleaning

After years of neglect and buildup of trash a hoarder’s home develops unhealthy contaminants such as germs, odor, and mildew to name a few.  Our heavy duty deep cleaning staff will steam clean and sanitize all surfaces in order to kill germs and remove mildew and other microorganisms.  Bathrooms are scrubbed and sanitized using heavy duty cleaning procedures and chemicals, returning your personal space to a clean and bright space.  Floors and walls are wiped and cleaned with the option to repaint walls and doors and even repair and refinish wood floor.

Hoarder House Deep Cleaning:

  • Air Duct Cleaning
  • Cleaning Of Surfaces
  • HEPA Vacuum Dust Cleaning
  • Kitchen & Bathroom Sanitizing.
  • Steam Cleaning

And more…

Hoarder's Home Improvments

Hoarding can prematurely age your home and damage walls and floors.  During our inspection of Hoarder’s Home we provide the homeowner the option to improve the home’s walls, floors and more.  In addition to the living area home improvement service cover include attic, basement, garage, patios and outdoor areas.

Hoarder Home Improvement Services:

Clutter Free Service Reviews
Clutter Free Service Reviews

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